About Us Nerds

Worlds With Friends started when I (Charisma) began to travel. I thought of the phrase as the perfect description of the people in my life. From Poland to Portland, I have friends located in pretty amazing places on this planet. We all live unique lives; yet we’re woven together. This blog will take a deeper dive into many worlds but more specifically the worlds of Tyrell, my significant other (aka Chef Bae) and I. Maybe we can let you in on how we travel as “strict”, non-processed vegans. The blog will include a variety of goodies which include gardening, vegan foods, and other lifestyle adaptations and alternatives. Aside from being business partners, we spend most of our days partaking in sub-experiments (such as comparing organic vs inorganic foods), ways that we can cut back on our carbon footprints, and trying to utilize/research as many resources as possible while doing so. We are more interested in the traditional/herbal approach to medicine. Most of our friends have expressed curiosity in our interests. So- we’re here to share. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, reach out. You’re invited to do so. Meanwhile we’ll be somewhere, chilling out.. probably diving deep into a wormhole of information. But I’m sure we’re near. Thanks for reading.