Uncommon Conversations & Good Reads

Does anyone enjoy a gooood read? You’re in luck. Ariel Briana provided us with some reads that “helped build the foundation of my journey to Self”, below.


Taken directly from her site here, I thought I would provide you with a little bit of background information about Ariel, “I am a creative from Birmingham, Alabama pursuing a degree in Radio/Tv Broadcasting at Alabama State University. I discovered my passion for arts and entertainment during my sophomore year of college. In the midst of attempting to settle for a major I apparently didn’t quite fit in, I have met people who have, since then, inspired my interest in digital media, fashion, and entertainment. ” I enjoy the simplicity of this blog. The portraits remind me to take my time and take life in. I also felt compelled to see more from the self portraits featured on the site too. I’m curious to see whats next from this blog(ger) as a whole. Speaking of what’s next, here’s another opportunity to follow another upcoming podcast! It’s called Uncommon Conversations and it starts TOMORROW, October 5th. New episodes will air on the 5th of each month. You can follow the podcast @uncommonpodcast on IG, and listen on Soundcloud here .



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