#MotivationalMonday: Many Hats, One Fro.


Blog : Many Hats, One Fro

Website: www. ManyHats-OneFro.com

I asked Jasmine to tell us a little bit about herself and how her blog came to be:

My blog was birthed out of a need to answer questions and to share thoughts, ideas and inspiration in one central location. Often, my social media followers are asking about different aspects of my life. So I thought, “you should start a blog”. I juggle a lot: a career, motherhood, family life, e.t.c. Many Hats-One Fro is about exactly what you think: my juggling act.


In my opinion, this blog would be the result of Sex and the City and Girlfriends coming together. The perfect way to start your week: with some stories from your fun yet, very stylish big sister. Is it too soon to recycle last year’s mini-holiday lookbook,this year? From “Walking in Your Purpose” to “Salsa Dancing in BK”, there’s so much to look forward to. Outside of  her blog, Jasmine has “started a brand new travel podcast with a high school alum called, Acts and Zones”. She “loves to travel. So it is fun to do this as a passion project”. Check out that link here .


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