Soulful Sundays + Blissfully Blossoming Beauty.

Elise Elbourne lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband Dominick and son Deacon. She began her professional career as a teacher but soon realized she also had a passion to inspire women after becoming a mother herself. In August 2016, Elise created Blissfully Blossoming Beauty to influence women through her love for fashion, beauty, and self-development.

This blog has a nice way of keeping you centered. I was pleasantly surprised to self reflect as much as I did while reading about the topics discussed (emotional intelligence and projections). I know there are a lot of us who just need a little empowerment and self encouragement from time to time, or even daily. It seems like it’s during these times that there is no one physically available, right? Well, here’s a virtual aid for growth. The perfect place to start. Now? Uhh. Why not? Snuggle up with your morning cup of tea, feed your soul and get inspired. It’s Sunday. You have the power to start your week off, blissfully.

The goal of this blog is to encourage women, especially moms, to always be true to who you are and what you love. Click here to check it out! Also, find her on Instagram|Facebook|Pinterest|Twitter



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