#SurvivalMode: Last minute packing tips.

How many of us wait until the last-minute to pack even when the trip isn’t? *Raises hand* I tell myself every time, “this is the last time”. Sadly… it isn’t. I have found ways to pack for a variety of trips. From learning (with a month and a half to spare) I would be living…

Say (Non-diary) cheese? A quick and easy alternative.

“… Cheese, one of the many cravings that I thought I would not be able to survive without. I was wrong and dramatic lol. There are diary alternative cheeses. So far, we have tried brazil nut and walnut cheese. I think I will try my hand at coconut cheese soon. Just like I realized that I could make milk out of so many other natural, plant base alternatives, you can do the same with cheese…”

#Vegas16 #Visuals

Another day, another compilation of pictures from a trip. This time? Vegas 2016. I wasn’t vegan during this trip. I actually ended up randomly going to California with my home girl, Karisma to see my sister. Visuals of that should be on the way in the near future. Enjoy!  

#WomensHistoryMonth: Women of color and postpartum depression.

This is probably one of the most important pieces that I have written so far. It’s something that most of us aren’t truly able to conceptualize because of social stigmas but it affects more of us than I thought. I’m taall ing about Postpartum depression (PPD). I felt compelled to look into this subject because of…

#Mexico16 #Visuals

Another set of pictures and a video from a trip I took to Mexico in September. Again, I wasn’t vegan at the time.

#Portland16 #Visuals

Random pictures from my trip to Portland last year. During this trip, I was not vegan.      

I experimented with a 2-ingredient spread and it was amazing!

I was packing my lunch box in preparation for a baby shower. I’d just eaten the last mango yesterday and felt too lazy to go to the store. I knew we didn’t have anything in the house that could cure my sweet tooth. Luckily, we always have random dressings and sweeteners from my “emoji heart…

Some of our favorite winter staple foods!

This post will serve as a visual for some of the staples we typically pickup whenever we are headed to the store. Bananas (thai, burro, and green bananas). I did write posts that coincide with bananas here and here. I am sure that you’ll see more too. There are so many ways to use bananas. I…

What contains all the required proteins for human nutrition? Hemp seeds!

“… Before we get started, i’m sure there are questions. What are hemp seeds? What do they look and taste like?

Hemp seeds are basically the most nutritious seeds in the world. They are a complete protein and easier to digest than most high protein food. Among many things, this superfood also boosts rapid recovery promoting cell growth, reduces incidents of diseases due to the powerful impact on the immune systems, and contains only trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This information implies that the seeds of Cannabis sativa L. will not get you high or cause a drug test’s results to be altered…”

Got an hour and an empty stomach?

Today, we decided to go see a movie (Get Out) which was an amazing movie filled with various, unexpected twists and turns (btw). Before heading out, we wanted to get nice and full. We haven’t been involved with many outings since going vegan. We knew we would have to get full or grab snacks at home because…